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A Christmas Promise

                          A Christmas Promise Christmas Mountain RomComs By: Abby Everheart MY RATING: 5 Stars In this fantastically cute and funny story, May is a wedding planner getting ready for an upcoming wedding, but things don't quite go as planned when the groom's brother gets roped into helping. Then add in a spunky dog, mysterious happenings, and you have yourself the perfect read for anytime (not just at Christmas). Beautiful, funny, touching, and movie worthy. Those are the best words I can use to describe A Christmas Promise. There will be times you will be laughing so hard, then others where you'll tear up a little but you will love each and every moment. This book really pulled my emotions each and every way and I LOVED every single second of it. Abby Everheart was a new to me author, and let me just say...she just gained a new fan! I couldn't believe how this book hooked me. It's great for something to read anytime and while yes it is a Christmas boo

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