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Just Listen

                           Just Listen By: Sarah Dessen MY RATING: 4 Stars Annabel was the girl who had everything, at least from what it seemed in her modeling commercials. Now she has nothing, no friends, no excitement, and definitely no one to sit with. Well, that is until she meets Owen. Just Listen is a wonderful story of mental health, family, and listening to those around you (as well as yourself). It does touch on some difficult subjects but author Sara Dessen does a great job of keeping it from getting too intense. She keeps the story safe for young adults and could be a great tool for anyone going through anything. I loved the tones of family and friendship as well as the mentions of how healing music can be. I'm so glad I took the time to finally finish reading this book. I did feel that some moments could have been left out as they didn't contribute much and made the story slightly boring in those spots. However, they were so few it still earns 4 stars from me. Just

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